Wine Tours

After listening this amazing word ‘wine’ we all think of something very expensive, in a very fine color served in a fantastically designed glass (made specifically for wine and called as ‘wine glass’). But in real this liquid ‘wine’ is so much more in different region. Very few countries know the actual essence and value of wine i.e. France Yes! The actual wine lovers are Frenchmen, to understand the significance of wine in a Frenchmen’s life one must know this fact, a Frenchmen consumes a reasonable quantity of ‘red wine’ after meals (especially after dinner).

Interestingly, like snorkeling, scuba diving and country tour there is a tour called ‘wine tour’. Like every other tour it includes complete physical experience with the wine, starting from the history of wine going through how wine is generated, what are the different types of wine till how it is sold and served. Almost every European country offers wine tour facility, for which wine lovers can enjoy the mesmerizing existence of this tremendous drink. To make this deal even better, during private wine tours Adelaide they offer to taste different types of wine; freshly made wine which can be tasted (this is something any or every wine lover would want at least once in his/her lifetime).

The most wanted stage during this tour is the tasting stage (for very obvious reasons). The tasting stage, point to be noted for wine they never use the word ‘testing’ rather it’s ‘tasting stage’. This amazing process of tasting starts with appearance, proceed towards aroma of the wine, then in mouth sensation test and then done (finish). To make this process flawless they couple this whole process with some more check and balance. Another worth mentioning point is when blind fold tasting starts, quite predictable. After removing all the labels from the bottles and pouring the wine in a black glass in order to hide the identity of the wine, consumer is asked to taste the perfect wine from each glass one by one (the reason to hide the identity is to make the complete process seamless and unbiased) this not only provides impartial opinion of the consumer but also, judge the mindset of the end person consuming it. As per scientific study price plays a vital role in perception, there was an experiment conducted to calculate the power of opinion in perception, during which two bottles of wine were placed in front of the consumer (one bottle labeled as ‘cheap wine’ and the other as ‘expensive wine’) after deliberately labeling the wine bottles consumer was asked to take a sip and rate the two types of wine. Unexpectedly, results were puzzling they preferred the expensive one more in taste than other reason being the perception and mind set of people. Guess what the cheap labeled bottle was one of the most famous brands of wine (which was ignored by the client, just on the basis of price and perception).